Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Titanboar

Final Step: Render with final details and lighting.
Step 3/4:Put down Rough colors and then start to put in the details.Step 2: Picking the best thumbnail and making it more detailed.

Step 1: Thumbnails

This is for a book cover I got commissioned to do for David Vandagriff. The book is entitled "The Titanboar Touchstone".


Kevin Keele said...

This turned out so good! Nice work Josh, cool to see your process too.

The Wies Family said...

I love your artwork! It is fun to see the steps you go through to create your masterpiece!

Steven Keele said...

Great Job Josh. I like the process as well.

Sarah Miller said...

woo! check it out! these turned out great josharoo!:D

Josh Keele said...


Link to the Book