Monday, June 7, 2010

Doctor Freeze Ray


The Wies Family said...

This is great! Has Dad seen this? It kind of looks like him. ...oh wait, of course he's seen this, he was your model. Just Kidding.

Jacob Keele said...

It does kinda look like dad, Good Job Josh, you captured his essense right onto the page, except I don't know if he has the much hair. haha just kidding. I like this peice a lot! and I also like how you, me and Kevin all posted something yesterday

Neil Hiatt said...


Steven Keele said...

Jacob, This guy doesn't look like me. He has too much hair. Pretty fun dude though.

ARCION said...

I really like your imagination!
I hope, sometimes, you can create a video game with character like this

I will definitely buy if it that happened!

C'est La Vie said...

i'll tell ya what! you sure have some talent my friend
Dallen was showing me some stuff, NOICE!
Plus it cracks me UP!