Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Teancum: Man of Liberty

He had been a man who had frought valiantly for his country, yea, a ture friend to liberty. Alma 62:37 


Jacob Keele said...

Josh! wow, this picture rocks!!! good job on this, especially the water, I also like everything else a lot like those leaves, tents, Teancum of course, and the mountain, and the birds and sky...Yeah, It is awesome!

The Wies Family said...

WOW!!! You are amazing! I wish I had half your talent. It is a beautiful picture.

Kevin Keele said...

This turned out really nice.

Mom Keele said...

This picture is one of my favorites. shall we frame it, so you have cool artwork to hang on your wall?

Anonymous said...

I rememeber you drew one of Teancum during the mission and gave some copies. I still have mine in my mission stash. Great job, as always.

However, my most favorite drawing you handed out was the faith, hope and charity anchor one. I need to frame that - really sends a powerful message.

I want you to know that I tried countless time to attempt to draw. However, after receiving a D in my freshman high school art class, I have stuck with stick figures and flowers.

I am fine to leave the art world to others who are much better than I!!

Thanks for sharing your talent. :)

Aaron Ludwig said...

This is great. Love the background. Love your blog!

Josh Cotton said...

Sweet! Beautiful drawing of Teancum. Nice mood to it. BTW my name is Josh Cotton and I love Book of Mormon art. My blog is at:

Keep it up! It would be awesome to see more Book of Mormon Art

Trevor and Liz Covington said...

Hey there, just looking for nice pics depicting Teancum to use in primary. How would I go about getting the right to print this up and use it? my e-mail is liznluck(at)aol(dot)com. Thanks! Liz (this is a really great picture btw)

prezbot said...


I'd first like to compliment you on your artwork, it's very impressive. I am a Wikipedia editor and I am currently working on the "Teancum" article. I would like to use this image of Teancum on the article. But I need to have your permission before I can do so. Submitting your image to the Wikimedia Commons would allow others to modify, redistribute, and/or use for any purpose (including commercial purposes). However they would always have to give proper credit to you, the creator. Would you allow your art to contribute to Wikipedia? Your assistance would be much appreciated.
Please email me as soon as is convenient at