Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dream House

1. Colored it up; Photoshop.
2. This is one of my favorites from my sketch book; Pen.

If I could take away that blog border I would.


Jakes Blog said...

That is so cool!
For My Term Project I'm Sculpting something kind of like this.
I was going to draw a picture today and tomorrow, and color and post it on monday.

Gregory said...

Whoever lives there must know how to fly or have a rocket pack, that last step off the front porch is a doozy.

The Wies Family said...

Great drawing Josh! You are such a good artist.

Steven Keele said...

I'm glad you posted the drawing. I really like it. Very fun and imaginative.

Rachel said...

Josh, you are so talented. You amaze me!

Dal'n said...

I don't get how you do that! What do you do to add the color? it's seriously so expertly done!